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Energy Work

Separate from my professional mental health services, I provide energy work which include Reiki, Guided Journeying, and Consciousness Expanding Integration.  While these modalities are not considered psychotherapy, I use my clinical skills to enhance and support working energetically with clients.     

Reaching Out


I am a level 3 Reiki Practitioner and received my certificates from the Reiki Training Program here in Seattle.  I also received training in Insight Reiki, an interactive form of Reiki that helps draw out blocked emotions.  Those who are new to energy work may not feel the effects of Reiki immediately, regardless of this it can be beneficial to practice receiving nurture, increase body awareness, and build subtle energy perception. Over time the effects will be felt more strongly.  This powerful ancient tradition comes from a long lineage of healers and can open all kinds of new possibilities in your healing work and your way of being!

I offer hourly Reiki services for $150, however I can negotiate prices within a scale of $50-$200 for a discounted or donation-based rate.  Visit my contact page if you'd like to set up a free 15 minute consultation and we can go over expectations. 

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Guided Journeying

Guided journeys can be a great way to access unconscious material and bring new perspectives to areas of your life where you are feeling stuck.  A journey session can take on a variety of forms and will be impacted by what you are hoping to achieve.  You will first need to clarify your intention and consider how you might want to be supported in exploring that intention.  Once the direction is clear, usually after one or two intention setting/prep sessions, we can begin the journey.  During the journey I offer energy work to help you get into a relaxed state of mind.  Once you are relaxed you can use imagery and visualizations to explore your intention.  We can make it more or less interactive based on your preferences. 


Since journey times and interventions vary depending on your intention, there is a wide range of costs.  Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to get a clearer estimate of your costs prior to services. 

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Integration Work

If you have recently had an experience with plant medicine, reached a deep meditative state, journeyed, and/or received energy work, you may benefit from integration work. Many people have consciousness-expanding experiences, but don't know how to capitalize on them or implement them into their daily life.  As a result, they can lose the incredible opportunity to use those newly opened neural pathways in the brain.  In order to more effectively integrate those experiences, I offer identifying patterns, shadow work, guided journeying, reiki, and other body-based interventions.  Depending on your interest we can continue processing the material accessed from that experience and create a corrective healing experience.  Some examples of this include role playing, birth simulation, parts work, positive psychology, and more.  Integration work can also include intention setting prior to an experience.

Integration sessions cost $100-$150 per hour.  

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