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About me

Stephanie Jordan Mrakovich, LHMC

I believe that a firm therapeutic bond is foundational to the personal growth and self-exploration achieved in therapy. Here is some information about me as you take important steps to invest in your true self and look for the right partner in that journey.

I received my a BA in Psychology from Taylor University before attending the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology where I received a Masters of Counseling Psychology.  My 3 years of graduate work consisted of notable personal and professional development through the school’s formative curriculum which specializes in an integrative relational, psychodynamic, and narrative approach to therapy. During my time at the Seattle school I directed my clinical studies towards experiential therapeutic tactics with a special interest in catering to those with relationship concerns, trauma, aging, depression, and anxiety.  See therapeutic approach for more information.

After graduation, I became an extern at Seattle Therapy Alliance (now called MEND) providing low cost counseling with an intersectional framework before transitioning into my own private practice.  This experience helped me see how self exploration in therapy is not just about our own individual healing, but healing for community with whom we are all so connected.  Shortly after starting my practice I saw the need for using more body based interventions and enrolled at The Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy.  There I discovered, both clinically and professionally, how much vibrant, life energy we have stored deep within us when there is a safe container to draw it out.  More so, I witnessed our profound capacity for joy in learning to be present with our bodies.  Even the simple act of breathing can offer so much pleasure if only we knew how to surrender to it. See body psychotherapy page for more details. 


Outside of the therapy office I take great pleasure in spending time outdoors (especially on those rare sunny days in Seattle), practicing mediation and energy work, playing music, child-like play with friends, learning, cooking, and quality time with animals (which means tell me everything about your pet)!  

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