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Therapeutic Approach

My current therapeutic modality is a blend of relational psychodynamic therapy, attachment-based therapy, and body-based psychotherapy.  First and foremost, I find it crucial that you feel safe in your process of self exploration through a secure and meaningful therapeutic bond.  I believe that over time this bond can create an internal sense of security and well being outside of therapy. Throughout the process of therapy we would be exploring emotions experienced in the present moment, responses felt within your body, formative relationships such as family of origin, and bringing unconscious motivations and beliefs to the surface.  I believe that approaching therapy this way can help you practice healthy boundaries, honest communication, and deeper intimacy through the therapeutic bond.  I also find it valuable when doing this work to use a positive psychology-lens in order to enhance your sense of self within the collective whole and strengthen your purpose for the sake of the greater community at large. 

Additionally, I like to integrate experiential components and body psychotherapy into my therapeutic orientation such as mindfulness/meditation, somatic therapeutic techniques, expressive arts, consciousness expanding integration, and more.  I have found that these orientations make the healing process more engaging on a deeper level and can be particularly helpful for those with trauma history or who prefer other modes of communication.   My hope in all of this is that you find new meaning and depth within your life story as it unfolds in the present moment. I am truly honored to be a witness and join with you in your process of discovery, healing, and living more fully.  

My areas of focus include, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Concerns, Trauma, Spirituality, Life Direction, and Consciousness Expanding Integration.

My session fee is $150 for 50-55 minute weekly sessions with limited sliding scale options.  I also accept Premera and provide superbills for out of network reimbursement.


Good Faith Estimate of Out of Network Charges:

1 Year Estimate with Full Fee of $150: 

Weekly (52 sessions): $7,800

Every Other Week (26 Sessions): $3,900

Monthly (12 Sessions): $1,800

6 Month Estimate with Full Fee of $150:

Weekly (26 sessions): $3,900

Every other week (13 sessions): $1,950

Monthly (6 sessions): $900 

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